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I make games regularly! Check them out in the sidebar or on my page.


I contributed to a modding framework called The Modding Tree and then made Profectus as an alternative that gives developers more control. Profectus is a game engine for the web that uses TS and Vue.


V-ecs (pronounced "Vex") is a Vulkan-based engine I made for making highly moddable games and tools in Lua centered around the ECS design pattern and a work-stealing job system.


I led a team updating a legacy Unity project for research on speech therapy to use a modern version with a focus on extensibility to facilitate future maintenance and features.

Babble Buds!

Babble Buds is a free, open-source virtual puppet show engine I made for various platforms including HTLM5 and Unity, as well as an accompanying electron-based puppet editor and multiplayer stage.

Dice Armor

I was the lead programmer on a team of nine creating this game in a semester-long college course. I programmed all the gameplay systems as well as incorporated Babble Buds for the cutscenes and tutorial.

Capture the Citadel

A 3D VR re-envisioning of a Slay the Spire-style game by Anthony Lawn and Grant Barbee.