Source Code

V-ecs (pronounced “Vex”) is a vulkan-based engine I made for making highly moddable games and tools in lua, centered around the ECS design pattern and a work-stealing job system.

The engine works with “worlds”, which are collections of systems and renderers. The engine comes with several worlds using systems and renderers I made, including a voxel world, an incremental game, and some test scenes. All of these include systems to render the fps as well as show a debug console by typing the grave key (`). The default world is a title screen that detects any worlds in the “worlds” folder and displays a button for each of them.

Eventual plans for this engine include putting it on steam with workshop support so users can create their own systems and renderers, share them, and create custom worlds mixing and matching any systems and renderers available.

As a part of this, several worlds will ship with the game to provide a base to work on. For example, a nice voxel world that workshop items can add new items, blocks, and mechanics to.

Another world will show off the user interfaces that can be built in V-ecs, through the form a 5-chapter incremental narrative-based game called Kronos. Development on this world is expected to start in 2021 but pieces of it may be created before then.

Sands of Time

Chapter 2 will introduce several isolated mini-incremental games, one of which is currently available as a standalone game called “Sands of Time”, downloadable here.

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