Tower Offense

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A game made in 48 hours for the 4th Annual Chillenium at Texas A&M University. It was made by Team NaN, consisting of Anthony Lawn, Grant Barbee, Hudson Bielstein, and Daniel Casper. The theme was “Role Reversal”.

You play the role of a village of animals who’ve found the way to their watering hole suddenly blocked by stone towers in their likenesses. Follow this Seussian tale as they mount an offense against these towers in the hopes of restoring normalcy to their lives.

This is the first game to use babble.js, the virtual puppet rendering library I wrote for Babble Buds and associated programs. There are a total of 7 cutscenes in this game, each using babble.js puppets to make them fun and interesting.

Gameplay-wise, its a bit like an idle/incremental game. Send units out using food, which is generated automatically, and gain gold the farther along the path the units make it. Spend gold on buildings, which do everything from increasing your food generation and storage, to improving your units, to unlocking new ones. All in all, pretty good for a 48 hour game.

javascript pixi.js chillenium