The Modding Tree

Source Code The Game Dev Tree

The Modding Tree is a modding platform made by Acamaeda for an incremental game called The Prestige Tree. I’ve contributed many features and bug fixes, and used the framework to create my own mod, The Game Dev Tree.

In addition to many bug fixes and providing support to various mod creators on the TMT discord, I’ve directly contributed to the project by updating documentation, improving the discord link displays, and implementing the “lore” feature. I’ve additionally made several other tweaks that don’t necessarily fit all TMT projects so they aren’t present in the project itself, but appear as references in the source code for The Game Dev Tree.

I personally felt like the original game could’ve benefited from keeping earlier layers relevant for longer, and if layers resetting was along the branches rather than entire rows. To help test the modding framework, I made my own mod called The Game Dev Tree, that uses those concepts as a core foundation for its game design. It also became a bit of a playground to implement new ideas for TMT in a live game so I could receive feedback from players.