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Space Game is a game of mystery and discovery. You play the role of a scientist, who has found themselves in an endless loop of death and rebirth, with only your notes to link you to your previous experiences. As you play, your player writes everything you discover in a journal. So truly, survival is optional, as death is pretty meaningless. Instead, the game focuses on discovery and exploration, encouraging the player to try new things and experiment. From upgrading your ship to leveling up to making towers, every mechanic is built from the ground up to become progressively clearer. But beware, because, as the player learns, so do the enemies.

Space Game features an advanced note system around which everything else is based. Enjoy countless hours of experimenting and trying out new strategies, various guns, upgrades, and towers.

I stopped development on this because it became to big to work on for a single person, it went completely out of scope, fell victim to feature creep more times than I can count, etc. At the end I was working on making things easier for the player, and broke tower upgrades. I made the decision to keep the version that was nicer to use over the one with upgrades, since honestly it never needed upgrades. I’m still not satisfied with the state of the game, but oh well. Because of the mess that is the code base, this game is closed source.

java libgdx